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Our new state-of-the-art bread plant recycling machine is a marvel of modern engineering. With its impressive size and cutting-edge technology, it revolutionises the way we handle surplus food products in our facility.

It's advanced sorting and recycling capabilities ensures that no food products goes to waste, allowing us to repurpose it into high quality animal feed. Our commitment to sustainability is embodied in this new machine, which not only streamlines our operations but also helps us contribute to a greener, more eco-friendly future.

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The year 2021 marked the solemn passing of Albert and Ellen Tucker, the founding members of A Tucker & Son LTD a business they started as a small family venture in 1990.

In April, the world bid farewell to Albert Tucker, whose vision and dedication had been the driving force behind the company's growth and success. Albert's legacy lived on in the business he had nurtured over the years. Tragically, just a few months later, in September, the Tucker family endured another profound loss with the passing of Ellen Tucker.

Together, they had built not only a thriving business but also a legacy of hard work, commitment, and family values that would continue to shape the company for generations to come. Their memory remains an integral part of the business they lovingly created.

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One of the UK’s specialist collectors of surplus food product has strengthened its operations after a major investment in a revolutionary new MULTILIFT trailer. A Tucker and Son Ltd specialises in collecting surplus food products and converting this into animal feed which is distributed all over the country using specialist HIAB lifting equipment. This benefits livestock farmers by reducing the cost of their feed.

This new hookloader trailer carries the same weight load as 8-wheeler rigid trucks, but offers much greater flexibility to load commercial waste bins in tight spaces. Richard Tucker, managing director for A Tucker and Son Ltd said the new MULTILIFT hookloader trailer would help streamline operations at the Yorkshire-based business which continues to grow year-on-year.

“This new MULTILIFT trailer is operated by remote control which means that our drivers can operate the equipment from the safest location when we visit customer premises,” he said.

“The mechanism is really smooth and simple to work with, our drivers really enjoy working with the new trailer. We’re only as good as the equipment we have; we travel up and down the country, so we need eq uipment that is reliable. That’s one of the key reasons we chose Hiab.

“Hiab’s service network coverage means that if we have a problem on the road, specialist field engineers will be out to sort it out for us quickly. We work with some of the UK’s largest food chains so customer service is really important to maintain a good working relationship and continue our growth plans.”

Yorkshire-based A Tucker and Son Ltd now has a 12-strong fleet and a team of 20 after recently investing in four Hiab MULTILIFT 8-wheel truck loaders. Dek Butler MULTILIFT specialist for Hiab UK said: “Our MULTILIFT hookloader trailers are a pretty impressive bit of kit which gives businesses like A Tucker and Son Ltd more flexibility.

“Surplus food collection regularly takes place in tight spaces in urban environments, which is why the hookloader trailer unit makes tricky access easy – especially with the remote-control capability.

“The MULTILIFT trailers can be paired with any truck cab that has a suitable hydraulic wet kit and can handle bin sizes of between 40 to 60 cubic yards.

“This investment will help A Tucker and Son Ltd stay ahead

of the competition and I am pleased to see that once again our renowned service network and reliability has proved to be a deciding factor for businesses investing in hookloaders.”

For more information about the MULTILIFT hookloader trailer, contact your nearest Hiab Service Centre.

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